A payday loan, also known as cash advance, is an unsecured cash credit used for covering unexpected costs when there is no other money sources. Payday loan allows to get required amount of cash quicker than from any other options that allows to solve problems of late payment fees or other unforeseen penalties. All you need to do is apply for a payday loan on our website, and required sum of money will be transferred to your bank account.
Payday loan is all-purpose way to lend cash that you can use at your own discretion. For instance, you can spend them to pay off a part of credit debt, to make some necessary purchase, etc.
The sum of cash is defined individually to each customer according to information provided in his application for payday loan. After the first loan is paid off successfully, the amount of future loans can be increased.
In order to apply for a cash advance, you need to fill in the application form on this website. After passing through the simple application procedure your request will be processed and you will be notified with the following instructions.
The personal information required from each applicant includes name, surname, current address, information about work status, your bank account data and your photo for identification.
We value the privacy of our clients and do our best to provide maximum personal and financial data security. A range of technologies are used to protect the personal users’ information passing through our website, including 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding technique.
No, you don’t need to pay any fees to apply for a payday loan. Application is fully free of charge.
Getting out a loan is not obligatory, even if you have already applied for it. The application only approves your intention to find out more about your cash advance options and discuss them with one of our agents. You can always cancel your request if you wish. Getting payday loan is possible only after you approve the information given in your application and officially confirm your agreement to our terms and conditions.
Yes, you can. We do not check your credit history and rate and ready to work with any customer.
No, it doesn’t. You can own or rent your real estate, it doesn’t matter for us.
You don’t need to send or fax any documents to us. All personal information required for lender is specified online.
No, you can have only one payday loan at a time. The next loan can be ordered after the previous one is paid off.
No, they can’t. Our lenders work in strict confidentiality. Any personal information will not be used for any third party without your previous consent.
Application for a payday loan is processed within 30 minutes after receipt. After approval of your application you will get a loan the next business day. At the same time you will be notified about repayment date that is why don’t worry about any inconveniences like late payments or bounced checks.
You will be sent a notification by email after your loan approval. Adjustments can be applied to your loan approval until the money is transferred to your bank account.
The repayment should be made not later than your next payday. Usually it is scheduled in 8 – 25 days after transferring loan to your account.
Yes, you can pay the loan off before the scheduled date. To do this contact us to get a partial loan fee refund.
To do this, contact us for requesting a loan extension. User is offered with three options for loan repayment. You can repay the full loan amount on the payment date defined in your loan agreement or pay only a part of it together with finance fee by this date. The third option implies the payment of finance fee only on the payment date.
Our payday loan service is always available for all comers. Keep in mind that these are only a short-term cash credits that should be used only for urgent need and not as a regular solutions of continuous financial problems.